Marc Márquez FanClub members 2020/2021

This year we have not been able to enjoy some advantages of being a member of MM93 FanClub. For this reason, we have decided the following actions:

✅ Members of 2020: we will automatically renew the subscriptions for 2021 for free.

✅ All those fans who are not a member in 2020 and want to become members in 2021, you can registrer now and you will receive the Welcome Pack 2020 as a gift: 10 years Fanclub T-shirt + Cap + Pin #10together93 + Membership card 2021.

I want to join the FanClub

2021 Membership Card

The members of this 2020 who want to receive the membership card of the 2021 design, can get it for 10€ in your private account on the FanClub website.

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2020 MM93 Collection

The Marc Márquez collection arrives with many new clothes, sweaters, shirts, caps, etc. They combine the colour red, white, grey and with details always of the 93, the ant or the logo of Márquez.

You can find all this new collection in the Fan Club shop in Cervera and also in Marc’s website.

Discover it now!

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We already have date for the 2019 member’s dinner. It will take place the December 21th in Cervera.

Those members who want to assist to the event should fill out the inscription form before December 11th. ( 

In case we receive more applications than available seats, we will do a DRAW before announcing the winners, on December 13th.

The winners, that will share an unforgettable dinner with Marc Márquez, will be informed by e-mail and will have three days to do the payment (from December 15th to December 17th).

The dinner Price is 45€ (adult menu) and 25€ (children’s menu – Separate table).

Each member can only participate one time, despite the fact that the applications could be individuals or familiar group (Father, mother and children, until 5 people maximum).

Don’t forget to fill out all the gaps putting all the information!!


See you the DECEMBER 21th to spend a great evening with our idol Marc Márquez in Cervera (we will tell you the specific place).

Best regards!

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