Off Road

The off-road world is the devotion of Marc Márquez since childhood, his beginnings in the two wheels were in enduro and motocross, and since then he has always continued practicing these disciplines and he has incorporated them into his training planning also with the dirt-track and the flat -track.

Practicing these modalities he gets a unique feeling as each lap is different and the line he chooses at each moment helps him to improvise, an apprenticeship that then transfer over the bike when competing in MotoGP.

The Circuit of Rufea, the second home of Marc

The Rufea circuit is like the second home of Marc, the place where Marc practice the different disciplines to prepare the races of MotoGP.

Founded in 1996 by the Segre Moto Club, with whom the Márquez family has always had a great relationship, the Rufea circuit is where Marc spends more hours training on the bike, with unbeatable facilities to trainning motocross, dirt track or flat track.

The Rufea facilities were placed on the map in 2014, when Marc Márquez, Alex Márquez and Tito Rabat, who had been training there all year, were proclaimed World Champions of the three categories of MotoGP.



Another favorite discipline of Marc is the Dirt Track, practicing this modality improves the slides and improves his training.

Due to this passion, in 2014 a competition was created: The SUPERPRESTIGIO Dirt Track in Barcelona. A competition where big stars from different disciplines of the world of two wheels participate, among others Brad Baker.
Marc Márquez won in the editions of 2014 and 2016, imposing on the latter to Toni Elías and Brad Baker.

Dirt Track