Marc's passion

The campus

The Circuit of Rufea, the second home of Marc

Founded in 1996 by the Moto Club Segre, with whom the Márquez family has always had a great bond, the Rufea circuit is where Marc spends more hours training on the bike, with unbeatable facilities for training motocross, dirt track or flat track .

The Rufea circuit is like the second home of Marc, the place where Marc practice the different disciplines to prepare the races of MotoGP.

The campus: Allianz Junior Motor Camp

The Allianz Junior Motor Camp is an initiative jointly organized by Allianz Seguros and Marc Márquez. It takes place over four days at the Circuit de Rufea facilities. Marc Márquez with his brother Álex, act as monitors for the children who come from different parts of Europe to enjoy these four days that help to improve techniques of off-road disciplines but also to involve them with values ​​such as teamwork, respect, dedication, effort, and the importance of safety.

Off Road History


The beginnings

The off-road world is Marc Márquez's passion since he was a child, his beginnings on two wheels were in enduro and motocross, and since then, he has always continued practicing these disciplines and has incorporated them into his training along the flat-track or dirt-track.


In 2014 a competition was created: El Superprestigio Dirt Track in Barcelona. This competition was held every December in Barcelona and where great stars from different disciplines of the two-wheel world participated, including Brad Baker.

Marc Márquez won in the 2014 and 2016 editions, beating Toni Elías and Brad Baker.