Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez Alentà is the youngest rider to win a MotoGP championship. The Cervera rider has won eight world championships, six in Moto GP, one in Moto 2, and another in 125cc. He considers himself familiar and straightforward. Marc never throws in the towel, and less so now after his arm injury. Marc Márquez was born in Cervera, the city that has seen him grow up and where he continues to live today. He is a close person, charismatic, and supportive of others. His effort and dedication make him a unique and singular athlete.

Marc Márquez was born in Cervera, the city that has seen him grow up and where he continues to live today. He is a close person, charismatic, and supportive of others. His effort and dedication make him a unique and singular athlete.

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The first motorcycle: Beginnings in Enduro

When he was about to turn 4 years old, Marc Márquez asked his parents for a motorbike, who brought it to him one magical three king’s night.

What Julià and Roser could not imagine was that their son would never get off it.

From enduro to circuits

After starting in the world of bike racing with enduro and achieving the Catalonia Championship title in 2001, in 2002 he crossed over to tarmac.

In his first road racing experience, he finished third in the Catalonia Championship.

Champion Open Racc 50

In 2003 with the ProCurve team and riding a Rieju 50cc he was proclaimed Champions in the Open Racc 50.

Debut at the 125cc Catalunya Championship

In 2004 Marc debuted with the Racc – Impala team in the Championship of Catalonia with a Honda CBR 125. This year he was runner-up behind Pol Espargaró.

Champion of the Catalonia Championship

With the same team as the year before, the Racc – Caja Madrid, Marc was proclaimed champion of the 125cc Catalunya Championship.


After being proclaimed champion in 2005, Marc repeated the title in 2006. With this double championship at the end of the year, the jump to the Spanish Speed Championship (CEV) for 2007 was confirmed.

First victory in the spanish road racing championship in Jerez

At the Jerez Circuit, Marc Márquez achieved the first victory of his record book on the back of a KTM 125 RRF.

That year he finished ninth in the CEV (Spanish Motorcycling Championship), where he competed with other promising stars of the national scene.


First world podium at Donington Park

In the year of his world debut, Marc Márquez obtained his first podium in the British Grand Prix with the KTM Repsol team.

In this way, he became the youngest Spanish rider on the World Championship podium, at only 15 years and 126 days old.


In 2009, Marc Márquez raced with Red Bull KTM Motorsport in 125cc. In his second year at the World Championship he achieved one podium and two pole positions, finishing the season in eighth position.

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125 cc Champion with epic in Estoril

Marc Márquez’s comeback in Portugal is one of the most memorable moments of his career.

After falling during the formation lap, he came back from last position on the grid to achieve victory. Thanks to this result he could be proclaimed champion in Valencia.

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In 2011 Marc Márquez made the leap to the Moto2 category with the Catalunya Caixa Repsol team. In this first season in the category he achieved a total of 7 victories and another 4 podiums, but an eye injury in the absence of two grand prixes to end the season did not allow him to fight for the title.

Two Time
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Moto2 title in Australia

On 28th October 2012, Marc Márquez was proclaimed Moto2 World Champion climbing on the podium in Phillip Island.

With his second world title under his belt, he took the step to MotoGP as official rider for the Repsol Honda Team.

Baby Champ
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The dream debut in MotoGP

On 10th November 2013, Marc Márquez became the youngest MotoGP World Champion in history.

The podium on his debut in Qatar, the first win in the Circuit of the Americas and the four consecutive victories in summer were the key moments of the season.

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A perfect season

Marc Márquez’s second year in the premier class should have been framed. He achieved 10 consecutive victories and ended the championship with 13 wins and 13 poles.

To all this happiness, was added the Moto3 title achieved by his brother Alex.

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2015 was a rather irregular year for Marc Márquez, with quite a few crashes, although he climbed 5 times to the top of the podium, but it were insufficient to win the title. Anyway, it was a year of great learning for the Cervera rider.

Give me 5
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Give me 5: The most suffered title

Marc Márquez learned from 2015 mistakes and showed its most consistent version to achieve a championship that seemed impossible at the beginning of the season.

He celebrated it with a hand that represented his 5 titles.

Big 6
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Big 6: Six times world champion

Márquez has achieved the victory in the same scenario where he won the MotoGP World Champion for the first time in 2013, and where he won the first of his titles, the 125cc in 2010.

This season the Repsol Honda rider has added six wins, six other podiums and eight pole positions.

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Seven Times World Champion

Marc Márquez has achieved the World Championship 3 races before finish the season, in the Japanese GP, at home of his team, Honda.

He celebrated it with an 8-bit arcade machine.

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Eight times world champion

Marc Márquez has won the World Championship 4 races before finish the season, in the Thai GP, the second year that this Grand Prix was celebrated in this country.

After a brilliant season with 9 victories so far, Marc has demonstrated his superiority in the championship.

The celebration of this milestone was with a billiard and Marc got the last ball to win the game, specifically the black ball with the number 8.

The year 2020 began marked by the global Covid-19 pandemic. The begin of the World Championship was delayed to July, and in this first Grand Prix in Jerez, Marc had an accident in which the right humerus was fractured, which kept him out of the circuits for the rest of the season.