Marc Márquez will wear a solidarity helmet at the Jerez GP

Marc Márquez will wear a solidarity helmet at the Jerez GP that they will auction with Allianz to fight against the Covid-19 crisis

The riders Marc Márquez and Alex Márquez continue to show solidarity with all the people who are suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and for this reason, they will start the 2020 World Championship at the Jerez Grand Prix wearing a special helmet that will serve to raise money together with Allianz Seguros.

The design of this helmet is a tribute to the entire society that has suffered and continues to suffer due to this pandemic, both to professionals in the different basic sectors who have worked tirelessly to keep essential services active, and to all the people who have been confined at home all this time and who are now gradually returning to normal life.

“Pushing Ahead Together” is the motto that they will use on the helmet to send a message of solidarity, gratitude and hope, thanking society for adapting to the circumstances in order to get through this situation together.

Marc and Alex will wear the helmet on a very special day as it will be the first time that they will compete together officially in the MotoGP category.

Both riders will donate these special helmets, gloves and boots to a charity auction. The auction will start on Friday, July 17 at 12 noon and will end on Monday, July 27 at 8:00p.m., through the Catawiki online platform.

Allianz Seguros, personal sponsor of Marc Márquez and Alex Márquez, will join the initiative of the brothers, promoting the project and helping the fight against Covid-19 by donating the equivalent of 250 sets of medical equipment for health service personnel. This action is in addition to the various initiatives the company has taken to fight the coronavirus, such as the sponsorship of the OxyGEN emergency respirators.

Once the auction is over, all of the money raised will be donated to Red Cross Plan Response who will be responsible for distributing the funds in the best possible way and to those most in need.

Marc Márquez: “After two and a half months of isolation and after seeing the crisis caused by Covid-19, I wanted to somehow pay tribute to all the people who have suffered and continue to suffer due to this pandemic and also to all the professionals who have worked tirelessly during this period. After much thought and talking with my brother Alex, we thought that the option of making a helmet with a special design would be a nice tribute to all of them, and at the same time, with the auction after the Grand Prix, we can add another grain of sand towards combating this pandemic.”

Solidarity protective face masks MM93

The Official Marc Márquez Fan Club and the Official Álex Márquez Fan Club will also join the solidarity initiative and will sell protective masks with this special design via the online store and the Cervera store. In this way everyone who wants to show solidarity with the cause will be able to buy them at a price of 10€, and all the full benefits will be donated to Red Cross Plan Response. Buy it here. 


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During the visit with UNICEF to this school, Marc has become another child and has shared with them dances, training exercises, laughter, fears and dreams. Like those of Jennifer, who at 10 years dreams of being a singer and says with forcefulness: “my life without school would not be life”; or Kauã, who at 10 years old was surprised to learn that Marc is the same age as his mother, 25 years old. He dreams of being an athlete like Marc Márquez, but as a good Brazilian he prefers to be a footballer.

Most of the children in this school live in nearby favelas. Their houses are precarious and they face situations of violence, criminality, drug trafficking … That is the reality that they carry every morning in their backpacks and to that reality the school must adapt. It seems that the problem of one of these children can be mathematics, but what is behind are much more complex problems.

As Joul said to children, Marc Márquez is already part of our history and we are part of Marc’s history. It is in the hand of each of us to ensure that in the history of each child there is a future full of opportunities .

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Allianz and Marc Márquez have organized a camp where 20 young participants will enjoy from a unique motorbike experience with Marc and his team.

The camp is aimed at boys and girls between 10 -13 years old who like motorbikes and are eager to learn about them while enjoying an off-road terrain experience.

Marc Márquez, principal director of the camp, has developed the content of the program along with the rest of the instructors: his brother Álex Márquez, Moto2 World Championship pilot, his collaborator and sparring José Luis Martínez, former World Champion of Spain, and motocross rider Nil Arcarons.

The goal of the camp is that participants improve their motorbike technique and roll headlong on motocross and flat track, but most importantly, have a great experience and make new friends from all over the world with whom to share their motorbike passion.

The team of instructors will be in charge of selecting the 20 lucky ones who will be able to attend the camp together with a companion all-expenses paid.

Dare to and enroll your son, niece… or encourage any young motor-bikers you know to participate!

Registration is free, all you have to do is fill out the registration form and upload a video on YouTube demonstrating the motorbike skills of the candidate.


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Marc Márquez will answer the questions from the fans live on Wednesday 12th July at 3.00pm through Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

The Spanish rider has arrived to the half of the season leading the World Championship, so this is the best moment to talk about the first part of the year with his fans. For this reason, Marc will be live on Facebook and Instagram so you can send him your questions, doubts or greetings.

Next Wednesday 12th July at 3.00pm you will have the chance to chat with the five-time World Champion. You only need to follow his social media to watch and listen at him.

Send him your questions with the hashtag #AskMarc.

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Los dos hermanos Márquez participarán en la carrera que se celebrará el 14 de julio a las 20:30h en el Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

El próximo 14 de julio se celebrará la segunda edición de la carrera solidaria Allianz Night Run, impulsada por el vigente campeón del mundo de MotoGP, Marc Márquez, a través de Laps for Life 93. Este año la cita contará también con la presencia de Alex Márquez, piloto de Moto2.

Los dos hermanos Márquez participarán en la carrera (de 5km y 10km) que se correrá de noche en el mismo asfalto del Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Como en la edición anterior, tendrá un fin benéfico ya que parte de las inscripciones se destinarán a Aldeas Infantiles SOS. “Nos encanta poder hacer una segunda edición de la Allianz Night Run en Montmeló. Aúna valores como el esfuerzo y espíritu de superación con la vida sana y la solidaridad”, explica Cristina del Ama, Directora General de Allianz Seguros. Además, Allianz se ha comprometido a igualar el importe benéfico recaudado por los runners con sus inscripciones y lo donará a la ONG.

“Me hace mucha ilusión volver a impulsar la Allianz Night Run y, además, correrla al lado de mi hermano Alex. Esta carrera representa todo lo que Laps for Life 93 significa: deporte, juventud y ayudar a los demás, especialmente a los más pequeños”, dice Marc Márquez, campeón del mundo de motociclismo.

Cómo participar en la Allianz Night Run de Montmeló

Los runners que se inscriban a la carrera de 5km o 10km, competirán en el asfalto con los hermanos Márquez, y además estarán donando 2 euros de su inscripción a Aldeas Infantiles SOS. Además, recibirán una camiseta técnica conmemorativa del Allianz Night Run y, al terminar su carrera, entrarán en sorteos, podrán disfrutar de una Pasta Party y de música en directo.

Asimismo, las personas que deseen ir a la Allianz Night Run como asistentes (pero no quieran correr), podrán comprar también un dorsal especial por 5 euros, que les dará derecho a la Pasta Party y con el que también estarán haciendo una donación a Aldeas Infantiles SOS. Este dorsal Pasta Party se podrá comprar tanto en la web de inscripciones como en el propio circuito.

Por último, las personas que no puedan asistir a la Allianz Night Run pero quieran hacer una donación a la ONG, también podrán comprar un dorsal cero, por 5 euros, que irán destinados íntegramente a Aldeas Infantiles SOS.

Toda la información se encuentra en

Valencia cogerá el testigo de la Allianz Night Run en septiembre

Tras el éxito de la Allianz Night Run celebrada el año pasado, la aseguradora y los hermanos Márquez han decidido llevar esta iniciativa más allá de Montmeló. Así, el próximo 29 de septiembre el Circuito Ricardo Tormo cogerá el relevo del running solidario. Próximamente se darán más detalles de esta Allianz Night Run que se celebrará en el asfalto valenciano.

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When it comes to helping others, Marc Marquez never says ‘no’. He has again demonstrated this by sponsoring the 13th edition of the book “Relatos Solidarios del deporte”, an initiative promoted by 40 journalists that destines all the benefits to a non-profit entity.

The book consists of 43 short stories related in one way or another with the world of sport. One of them reviews one of the most special moments of Marc Márquez’s professional career: his epic victory at Estoril in 125cc.

This is the first time that someone not related to the world of football sponsors this solidarity initiative, which over 12 successful editions has raised more than € 700,000. Previously, Andrés Iniesta, Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Gerard Piqué had been the luxury sponsors of the book, whose presentation always creates a lot of excitement.

In this edition, the beneficiary entity will be “Associació Esclat”, an organization that has several centers in Barcelona and has been working for 40 years to improve the quality of life of people with cerebral palsy or multiple deficiencies.

The book can be purchased at any “El Corte Inglés” store, as well as in the Fanclub store in Cervera and online through the e-commerce MM93. There are the Catalanand the Spanish.

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Allianz Seguros and Marc Márquez are starting up the new initiative of Laps for Life 93: the creation of the first Allianz Junior Motor Camp. From November 18th to 22nd, 20 kids from around the world will enjoy five unique days with all expenses paid. The lucky winners will have the chance to enjoy what they love the most –motorcycles– on the Rufea Circuit (Lleida) with the greatest coach possible, Marc Márquez.

‘I am really excited to be able to promote this camp. I started racing motorbikes when I was very young and this is a great way to be able to transmit everything that I’ve learned. I know that we’ll have a great time with all the kids’, says rider Marc Márquez. In turn, José Luis Ferré, managing director of Allianz Seguros and responsible for Commercial and Market Management Area, states: ‘We are very pleased about driving forward the first edition of this camp with Marc. It combines the passion for the world of motor, to which we are closely linked, with the values of teamwork and interculturalism. We hope that it will be as well received as the rest of the camps Allianz organises and that it will become a tradition, fostering the skills and hopes of kids working with Marc.’ Although this will be the first motor camp, the company already promotes other camps for children each year, such as the Allianz Junior Football Camp (with FC Bayern Munich), the Allianz Junior Music Camp (with pianist Lang Lang) and the Allianz Junior Golf Camp (with golfer Paul McGinley).

The Allianz Junior Motor Camp will have unique characteristics. The boys and girls, from 10 to 13 years old, will train off-road with the two-time world champion of MotoGP, learning the best motocross tips from him. Remember that Marc Márquez first got onto a motocross bike when he was only four years old. Off-road has helped him improve his technique since a very young age, something that is essential in such a competitive sport as motorcycle racing.

In addition to training, camp participants will make visits related to the world of motor and will have an unforgettable life experience with colleagues from different countries. The purpose of the camp is to bring together youth of different nationalities so that they can develop their skills in parallel with finding out about new cultures and making great new friends.


Marc Márquez will select the children who will attend the camp

To register, candidates just need to go the Laps for Life 93 website ( and fill out the form. The form asks them to record a video, no longer than two minutes, which showcases their skills and ability on motorbikes and explains their reasons for wanting to attend the camp with Marc Márquez. In order to be selected, candidates must have at least some knowledge of English and, naturally, some knowledge and skill with motocross bikes.

From among all the applications received, Marc Márquez will pick 20 lucky boys and girls who will get to experience this unique event at the Rufea Circuit. Winners can attend the camp with one guest.

In short, this is a unique opportunity to make new friends who all share a common passion: motorcycle racing. The deadline for registering is October 2nd.


About Laps for Life 93

Laps for Life 93, the joint Allianz and Marc Márquez project, not only came into being due to the close connection both of them have with the world of motorcyles, but also due to their common values, such as excellence, the spirit to excel and teamwork.

Laps for Life 93 is a project created by the insurer and rider, which seeks to make a positive contribution to society via social actions. It involves the development of initiatives in different fields including health, road safety and fostering healthy lifestyles. To date, projects have been carried out in the fight against leukaemia (with the Josep Carreras Foundation) and in the fight against hunger.

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To mark this year’s World Environment Day, FIM Environmental Ambassador Marc Márquez, World MotoGP champion, and his brother Alex Márquez, World Champion in Moto2, are joining in the celebrations and, in coordination with Dorna, official Promoter of Moto GP, the FIM International Environment Commission (CIE) is presenting an awareness-raising video reflecting the official theme of the 2015 WED, “consume responsibly”. In addition to this type of campaign, the FIM applies a strict body of environmental regulations and implements various actions and initiatives including environmental management plans in press rooms and the paddock, programmes for the organisation of sustainable events and environmental education programmes.

Along with Marc Márquez and Valentino Rossi, their fellow FIM Environmental Ambassadors Laia Sanz, Alex Salvini, Takahisa Fujinami and Greg Hancock will also be celebrating World Environment Day.

Next week, the Barcelona-Cataluña Circuit will be organising the second KiSS Barcelona event focusing on sustainable mobility and other environmental initiatives.

World environment day (wed) is an annual event and the biggest and most widely celebrated day for positive environmental action worldwide. World environment day activities take place all year round but peak on 5 June every year, involving everyone from everywhere.

Marc Márquez, FIM Environmental Ambassador: It is very important to support these campaigns. For my brother and me, it was a pleasure to contribute to these celebrations of World Environment Day, as we all have dreams to fulfil, and one of these dreams is to practise sport responsibly and to live in a better world. We only have one planet and we have to take care of it!  

Kattia Hernandez CIE Director: We are part of these 7 billon dreams, and if we all attend to some small details we can make a big difference.  This is a call to all the members of our sporting community to join forces and, through the values at the heart of sport, let us take action to preserve our home, our planet.

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This year, the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit is joining the KiSS Barcelona (Keep it Shiny & Sustainable) environmental initiative as part of the KiSS project promoted by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) in keeping with its environmental management policy. The aim of the project is to raise awareness among all parties involved in the world of motorcycling and reduce the environmental impact of sports events though appropriate environmental management with, as the main focus, the management of waste produced by the public and the organisation.

Among other socially responsible actions, the Circuit, which has been certified compliant with ISO 14001-2004 standard for environmental management since 2008 and was honoured with the 2012 FIM Environmental Award, is taking up the challenge of Kiss Barcelona to promote sustainable mobility and good practices in management of waste.

KiSS Barcelona will carry out a number of awareness-raising activities during the Gran Premi de Catalunya de MotoGP, as set out below:

Kiss Barcelona Stand: situated behind the B Stand, this will be an environmental education point focusing on recycling. Various activities will be organised to promote the participation and involvement of the spectators in protection of the environment. There will be contests, prize draws, educational videos, etc.

Promoting Sustainable Mobility, recommending the use of public transport such as trains and buses. The Circuit advises spectators travelling by motorbike or private car to optimize the use of spaces in their private vehicles.

KiSS Barcelona Bag: these bags made of organic materials will be distributed among the public attending the Gran Premio.

Re-usable cup: The catering outlets will distribute a re-usable cup to promote the “3 R’s” (reduce, re-use, recycle).

#KissBarcelona Contest on Instagram: spectators who label their environmentally themed photos on Instagram with the #KissBarcelona hashtag will be able to take part in a prize draw. The winner will receive a paddock pass for him- or herself and one accompanying person with VIP access to the FIM Hospitality for the 2015 Gran Premio at the Circuit.

The KiSS Barcelona project, in which rider and FIM Environmental Ambassador Marc Márquez will be taking an active part, has received the support of the Barcelona Municipality, the companies Ecoembes and Valoriza and consultancies SBA and ISR.

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