Marc Márquez has presented in Madrid his first casual clothing collection together with the international brand Pull&Bear. The current MotoGP World Champion has unveiled the clothes he has designed alongside the brand’s creative team. On the occasion of the launch, Pull&Bear and Marc Márquez have organized the #MM93fanday, a huge encounter with fans in the macro shop that the Inditex brand has in Hermosilla street in Madrid.

The flagship shop of Madrid, the largest of the brand’s 960 stores around the world, was overwhelmed by the influx of hundreds of Márquez’s fans, who filled the store to meet the collection and greet in person the five-time world champion. They were joined by followers of the special guest of the day, the Mexican youtuber Juanpa Zurita, international star of social networks, and the rest of Marc’s influencers team: Dutch model Cindy Kimberly or Spanish influencers Álvaro Mel, Paula Baena, Manu Ríos and Álex Puértolas.

The music was put on by Electric Feels, a duo composed of two 13-year-old twin brothers who have made a sensation in recent music festivals, and the well-known Miranda Makaroff & Pascal Moscheni, who animated the day until closing time.

#MM93xPullandbear is a collection of urban air-conditioned casual clothing that reflects the main icons of the rider and some of the key moments of his career. The Spanish rider and Pull&Bear share values such as youth, spirit of improvement, teamwork and international projection.

The collection is already marketed in the main Pull&Bear stores around the world and in its online store www.pullandbear.com, as well as in the official website of the rider and at the Official Fanclub Marc Márquez 93 store, in Cervera.

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Marc Marquez took fourth in today’s Qatar Grand Prix. The Losail evening was affected by mixed weather conditions that created quite a tricky situation.

A brief, light rain shower fell just minutes before the planned MotoGP race time of 9 p.m., causing the GP start time and race distance to be changed twice. Finally, the lights went off at 9:45, following two warm-up laps that preceded a 20-lap race.

In the hectic moments preceding the race, Marc changed his front tyre on the grid, switching from a hard-front/medium-rear combination to a medium-medium spec.

After a good start, Marc fought hard for the second position for half of the race but finally had to settle for fourth.

Marc Marquez: “We were aware that we struggle a bit at this track, but as always we kept a positive attitude, as we also knew that if everything was in place, we could have fought for the podium or even the victory. I think we worked well over the weekend, and we had everything clear for today. Our plan was to use the harder front compound, but the chaotic situation with the rain and the continuous delays created many doubts. In the end we decided to go with the medium front, aiming to reduce the risk of crashing, but this turned out to be our biggest mistake of the weekend. I struggled with the front the entire time; I couldn’t brake hard and after few laps the tyre was already wearing off. We continued to have some small issues with acceleration, but even so I had a good feeling with my bike. But with that tyre choice, I wasn’t able to gain on braking. That’s my strongest point, so I decided, okay let’s finish this race and Argentina will be another race.”

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Repsol Honda team rider kicks off MotoGP World Championship season this weekend at the Grand Prix of Qatar. Reigning World Champion has won in Losail International Circuit on two occasions: once in Moto2 in 2012, and again in MotoGP in 2014. Marc Márquez has been World Champion (in 125cc, Moto2 and MotoGP) whenever he has placed on the podium at the first race of the season.

Marc Márquez: “The first race of the season is always a special one because you’re a bit more nervous than usual! The Qatar track is also one of the most special circuits on the calendar and one of the main things to consider is the sand, which can make the surface quite slippery as soon as you get out of the best line. The limit is very narrow.

There are three very strong braking points and you need good front stability. Maybe it’s not one of the best tracks for my riding style, but I like it and we have worked very hard during the preseason to find a good rhythm and a good base setup for all circuits.

From a technical point of view, we’re starting this Championship better than the last one, and although that doesn’t automatically mean that the results will be better, I think our machine has reached a level to fight for the podium. We’ll try to manage well from the beginning”.

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Fans of the rider will be able to acquire all the MM93 official products from any part of the world throughout this e-commerce

Márquez becomes the first MotoGP rider with his own online store

The new website (www.marcmarquez93.com) renews its design and improves its functionalities

Right before starting in Qatar his fifth season in MotoGP class, Marc Márquez launches his new e-commerce website, a completely renovated page from which it will be possible to acquire easily all the official products of the five-time world champion. By doing so, Márquez becomes the first MotoGP rider with his own online store.

Marc Márquez’s successful career in the motorcycling world has increased significantly the number of fans that follow him around the planet. People who share the same values of the Cervera rider and who support him both inside and outside the circuits. Thanks to this new e-commerce, Marc’s millions of followers will have direct access to his entire merchandising collection, as well as to the MM93 products from Marc’s sponsors.

Replica helmets, sunglasses, comics, cameras and flags are some of the products that make up the offer of this online store. From this moment on, all of them can be acquired from any place at any time. “It makes me especially excited to open the e-commerce to be able to reach fans directly who support me all over the world and correspond back part of the affection they give me”, says the five-time champion of the world.

In addition to incorporating the online store, the website has a renewed design, allows a day to day follow up of the rider, both through networks and in the circuits, and collects all the information of the social and solidarity projects in which Marc Márquez participates. In this way, the new website (www.marcmarquez93.com) becomes the reference website for the 93 fans.

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The 2017 MotoGP pre-season came to an end today with the third and final night of testing in Qatar. The timesheets saw Marc Márquez ending in 10th place (1’54.990” on lap 12 of 47).

The Cervera rider spent a productive night completing his testing plans, which included electronics, aerodynamics and refinement of general race setup, with the focus on keeping a good race pace. Marc fell once very early in the session and twice after 9 p.m. with no consequences, but he had to abort his race simulation on his sixth lap in the mid-1’55” range.

Action will resume at the same track on Thursday, 23 March, with FP1 for the Grand Prix of Qatar, the opening race of the 2017 MotoGP Championship.

Marc Márquez: “I’m happy with the pace we were able to keep today but of course it hasn’t been the best test of the pre-season for us. I crashed three times, the first at the very beginning because the bike had a wobble at turn 4 and I braked late. Then later in the night I lost the front twice, and especially the last crash during my race simulation was my fault. But when you’re doing a long run you must try and push, otherwise you can’t understand where you really are. Anyway, better if this kind of thing happens now, during a test, and hopefully when we come here again for the race we’ll be able to manage things better. As I said, our rhythm is quite good; only Maverick [Viñales] is faster than everyone here, and if we were to race tomorrow I believe we should be able to fight for the podium.”

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