Marc Márquez launches his new website MM93 with the purpose of getting closer to his followers and to allow fans to find information about him, about his passions, his personal and sports life.
A website designed and adapted to all mobile devices to facilitate usability to all users.

The new website includes personal aspects such as his career, his life in Cervera and the reason behind his mascot: the ant. It also has a section to see images and information on the Grand Prix that Marc has competed in MotoGP, Moto2 and 125cc.
In addition you can also see the charity work that Marc has undertaken, and finally there is a section dedicated to his passion, the off-road world.

An important improvement on the website is the new online store, with improved usability so that it is easier and simpler to buy clothes or items, as there is a much wider range of possibilities.

Another website that has been launched is the Official Fan Club Marc Márquez 93, with the main objective of informing all the partners and fans of the rider of all the necessary information to follow Marc: Circuits where the Fan Club is present, location of the stands, day to day news, and all the necessary information for being a member of the Fan Club.

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The Marc Márquez collection arrives with many new clothes, sweaters, shirts, caps, umbrellas, etc. They combine the color red, white, grey and with details always of the 93, the ant or the logo of Márquez.

You can find all this new collection in all the circuits in the Pritelli Group stands, in the Fan Club shop in Cervera or in Marc’s website.

Discover it now!

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The new official collection of Marc Márquez’s miniature helmets of the years that he has been proclaimed World Champion is now on sale.

The official collection consists of 6 helmets, of the years 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and it go inside a transparent box and with a base where you can see the year to which it belongs.

Enter here and get the helmets!

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New designs for the fall-winter season are already on sale at the Pull&Bear online store and will soon be available in the MM93 e-commerce and in the Fanclub shop in Cervera.

Pull&Bear has just introduced the new features for the autumn of the Marc Márquez x Pull&Bear collection, a line inspired by the reigning MotoGP world champion that combines sport and fashion in a natural and bold way.

With the new designs, in which Marc Márquez has participated again, the collection evolves towards a more contemporary aesthetic and close to a merchandising style very much in vogue not only in the world of motor and sport, but also in several areas of pop culture.

The Marc Márquez x Pull&Bear line stands out for the wide range of sweatshirts and t-shirts, in which white and black appear as fundamental colors along with gray. In the case of women’s garments, pink appears as a highlighted tone.

Checkerboard mosaics (reference to circuit finish flags), the use of large typographies and texts on the sleeves, photographic prints and the selection of iconic elements (from the fetish number of Marquez, 93, to images of the rider in competition) mark the collection for boy, which includes a jersey with the names and dates of the eight most memorable races of Marc Márquez according to his own selection.

The collection is presented coinciding with the crucial moment of the MotoGP World Championship, in which Márquez aims to repeat his last year title and achieve his sixth world crown.

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The new official collection of smartphone accessories by Marc Márquez is now on sale. Decorate, protect and charge your cellphone with the exclusive covers, power banks and screen protectors of your favorite rider. An assortment of top quality accessories designed with the colors and logos of the five-time MotoGP World Champion.

The official MM93 smartphone accessory collection consists of three cover designs for your iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus; a screen protector with the logo and signature of Marc Márquez and two external batteries with the colors of the Cervera rider.

Also, if you’re an Alex Márquez fan you have two covers with the exclusive design of the fastest gunner in Moto2.

Enter here and get the only official MM93 smartphone accessories.

Release your passion!

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This summer all members from the Official Fanclub Marc Márquez 93 have a 10% discount on all purchases at the MM93 online store.

August will be a month with up to 3 Grand Prix and that is why we have proposed that all Marc Márquez fanclub members can get the rider’s products to encourage him in this important phase of the season.

All OFCMM93 members will receive by e-mail the discount code that they can apply to purchases made at In case that any member has problems with the code or doesn’t receive it correctly, you can send an email to to solve the problem.

Join the fanclub!

If you are not yet a fanclub member or have not renewed your membership for this season, take the opportunity to join the red tide. You will find all the information to do it in: In addition to having a 10% discount on Marc’s online store in the store in Cervera, if you join the Marc Márquez family you will also get many other benefits:

– Discounts at Grand Prix tickets

– Possibility of participating in the end-of-season dinner with Marc Márquez

– Participation in the raffles we make through social networks

– Assistance to special events with the rider (depending on availability)

Enjoy the summer with the 10% discount in the MM93 online store and all the other benefits of being part of the Official Fanclub Marc Márquez 93!

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Thinking about the career of Marc Márquez in MotoGP is thinking about Honda and Repsol. These two big brands have accompanied the Spanish rider in most of his World Champion triumphs, which is why there is such a strong link with them. Neither the Japanese factory nor the multinational energy could be missing in the merchandising collection of Márquez.

The Marc Márquez – Honda 2017 dual collection comes with 6 new inspired products that blend the logo of the Japanese factory with Márquez’s 93. The new collection’s t-shirts, polo, sweatshirt and cap combine Marc’s red color with HRC’s white and are now available online.

The dual collection Marc Márquez – Repsol 2017 has also been incorporated into the e-commerce of the rider and has three t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a polo and a cap highlighting the colors of Marquez’s motorcycle and his number 93.

Discover the new dual collections Marc Márquez Honda and Repsol, the best clothing to cheer on your favorite driver.

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The new Marc Márquez official merchandising collection has been launched in the rider’s online store and his fanclub shop in Cervera.

Concurring with the celebration of the Catalan Grand Prix, the new Marc Márquez official clothing collection has been put on sale. A full range of clothing designed exclusively for fans that consists of over 40 different references. The red color, its number 93, the ant and the MM initials take special prominence in this renewed collection, that also incorporates designs inspired by the American style.

All fans of the five-time World champion can get the new clothes to encourage their favorite rider on this section of the website ( or visiting the Official Fan Club Marc Márquez 93 headquarters, in Rambla Lluís Sanpere, 1, in Cervera.

MM93 new collection is waiting for you!

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Marc Márquez has presented in Madrid his first casual clothing collection together with the international brand Pull&Bear. The current MotoGP World Champion has unveiled the clothes he has designed alongside the brand’s creative team. On the occasion of the launch, Pull&Bear and Marc Márquez have organized the #MM93fanday, a huge encounter with fans in the macro shop that the Inditex brand has in Hermosilla street in Madrid.

The flagship shop of Madrid, the largest of the brand’s 960 stores around the world, was overwhelmed by the influx of hundreds of Márquez’s fans, who filled the store to meet the collection and greet in person the five-time world champion. They were joined by followers of the special guest of the day, the Mexican youtuber Juanpa Zurita, international star of social networks, and the rest of Marc’s influencers team: Dutch model Cindy Kimberly or Spanish influencers Álvaro Mel, Paula Baena, Manu Ríos and Álex Puértolas.

The music was put on by Electric Feels, a duo composed of two 13-year-old twin brothers who have made a sensation in recent music festivals, and the well-known Miranda Makaroff & Pascal Moscheni, who animated the day until closing time.

#MM93xPullandbear is a collection of urban air-conditioned casual clothing that reflects the main icons of the rider and some of the key moments of his career. The Spanish rider and Pull&Bear share values such as youth, spirit of improvement, teamwork and international projection.

The collection is already marketed in the main Pull&Bear stores around the world and in its online store, as well as in the official website of the rider and at the Official Fanclub Marc Márquez 93 store, in Cervera.

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Fans of the rider will be able to acquire all the MM93 official products from any part of the world throughout this e-commerce

Márquez becomes the first MotoGP rider with his own online store

The new website ( renews its design and improves its functionalities

Right before starting in Qatar his fifth season in MotoGP class, Marc Márquez launches his new e-commerce website, a completely renovated page from which it will be possible to acquire easily all the official products of the five-time world champion. By doing so, Márquez becomes the first MotoGP rider with his own online store.

Marc Márquez’s successful career in the motorcycling world has increased significantly the number of fans that follow him around the planet. People who share the same values of the Cervera rider and who support him both inside and outside the circuits. Thanks to this new e-commerce, Marc’s millions of followers will have direct access to his entire merchandising collection, as well as to the MM93 products from Marc’s sponsors.

Replica helmets, sunglasses, comics, cameras and flags are some of the products that make up the offer of this online store. From this moment on, all of them can be acquired from any place at any time. “It makes me especially excited to open the e-commerce to be able to reach fans directly who support me all over the world and correspond back part of the affection they give me”, says the five-time champion of the world.

In addition to incorporating the online store, the website has a renewed design, allows a day to day follow up of the rider, both through networks and in the circuits, and collects all the information of the social and solidarity projects in which Marc Márquez participates. In this way, the new website ( becomes the reference website for the 93 fans.

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