Shoei NXR 2 Helmet Marquez American Spirit TC-1. Shoei evolves its successful sports full face helmet and equips the NXR 2 with the latest technological advances. It offers high aerodynamic performance, good visibility, efficient ventilation, a comfortable fit, a compact size and light weight. The new Shoei NXR 2 is born as the new premium sports helmet that brings together all these features. It is the lightest Shoei helmet with the new ECE22 / 06 standard certificate and stands out for being extremely comfortable.

Technical features


  • The outer shell (external structure) is made of AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix): Composed of several layers of organic fibre and fiberglass that absorbs impacts with optimal rigidity. As in the previous model, a very compact shell has been achieved.
  • The inner shell (inner structure) is made of two parts of EPS of different densities that offers a high degree of shock absorption. When an impact occurs, it is absorbed progressively and effectively in equilibrium with the rigidity of the shell.
  • Double ring closure. Easy to use and always with a perfect fit.
  • It incorporates the EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) system, which facilitates the removal of the helmet from the outside in the event of an accident by removing the side padding.
  • CWR-F2 screen that offers a wider field of vision thanks to its new shape together with a more sporty design. The optical characteristics of the new CWR-F2 have been optimized thanks to its curvature and thickness, further reducing possible distortions and providing a clearer and more natural vision.
  • The screen has high rigidity and stability at the top and bottom ends thanks to the new screen lock mechanism, which reduces the risk of accidental opening during high-speed riding. The new screen lock tab is located in the centre of the screen and the opening and closing sensation of the screen is smoother along with easier handling. The screen locking mechanism located in the centre of the lower air intake supports the lower end of the centre of the screen, lowering it locks and pressing the unlock button releases it.
  • Small deflectors have also been incorporated on the sides similar to those of the CWR-F screen that contribute to improving aerodynamic performance, as well as reducing wind noise.
  • The type of fit configuration has been changed, from a dial-type mechanism to a small lever that facilitates its fit against the rubber of the contour of the viewing area. Compared to the adjustment dial of the previous model, when lowering the new adjustment lever, the base of the screen slides back 1mm, achieving a better adhesion fit with the screen and the rubber of the contour of the viewing area.
  • The standard Pinlock Evo DKS304 ensures an always clear view under all weather conditions. The anti-fog sheet has been redesigned and its size has been increased. By relocating the sheet mounting pins away from the eye area to improve the lateral field of view, the majority of the entire field of view is covered with the Pinlock EVO blade.


  • 4 sizes of outer shell for a better fit to each size.
  • The interior padding of the new NXR 2 stands out for being very comfortable. It has fully removable, washable and replaceable inner padding made of very soft fabrics with great moisture absorption and quick drying.
  • The interior cheek pads have been redesigned while maintaining the NXR’s characteristic lateral cut line. These new side pads have been designed to reduce the feeling of pressure when putting on and taking off the helmet, providing greater mobility around the neck to be able to look back if necessary. Additionally, the lower end of the padding has been oversized to prevent noise filtering through this point, in addition to offering a soft and comfortable fit around the neck.
  • In addition, soft fabrics have been used for the areas of most contact with the skin when putting on and taking off the helmet, together with fabrics with high moisture absorption and fast drying in the contact areas with a greater tendency to sweat.
  • The central padding, just like the NXR, has been designed using 3D Max-Dry Interior System II technology to match the contour of the rider’s head.
  • Padding in the ear area to reduce noise. They can be disassembled to carry out the installation of a motorcycle intercom.


  • Redesigned ventilation system consisting of a lower air intake, a front air intake with two holes and two additional inlets on both sides to provide stability and adequate airflow, especially in the sports riding position. The rear air outlet under the integrated spoiler is made up of four holes and has been enlarged for greater expulsion of hot air from inside the helmet.

Aerodynamics / Soundproofing

  • Its aerodynamics have been improved and studied in the wind tunnel to make it quieter. The aerodynamic shape of the helmet and the watertight protection system of the vision area minimize the appearance of noise caused by the wind. The new NXR 2 has a very different viewing area rubber contour compared to the previous model with which it has been possible to improve the tightness with the screen, something that has a direct effect on the intrusion of water, wind and possible noise caused by this. A good fit of the inner ear pads also helps to reduce wind noise.
  • Pressure loads caused by the wind have been reduced by 6% upwards and 4% backwards compared to its predecessor based on tests carried out in our wind tunnel.

Other features

  • It comes standard with a breath guard and a chin curtain.


  • ECE 22.06
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