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Shoei X-SPR Pro Helmet Marquez Thai TC2. The new Shoei X-SPR Pro motorcycle helmet presents a design and advanced features totally focused on competition. Certified on the track by Marc Márquez, it has been designed to win and is ready to once again revolutionize the world of speed racing.

The new rear stabilizer design provides stable aerodynamic performance even at speeds above 350 km/h, but the innovation behind the new X-SPR Pro is not just limited to its exceptional aerodynamic performance; the dimensions around the eye area have been redesigned providing a much wider field of vision, it has a double visor lock system for greater safety in the event of an accident, improved interior padding, a much more efficient ventilation system and the possibility to install an optional hydration system. Experience pure MotoGP performance on the road.

It is homologated according to the FIM racing regulations (FRHPhe-01) and the new ECE 22.06 regulations.

Technical features


The outer shell (external structure) is made of AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix): organic fiber and multi-composite fibers in several layers offer a shell that absorbs impacts with optimal rigidity. It stands out for offering great rigidity and a very light weight.

The new X-SPR Pro has a double-density EPS for shock absorption. When an impact occurs, it is progressively and effectively absorbed in balance with the stiffness of the shell.

The EPS incorporates a series of channels to allow air to circulate without restrictions, improving the ventilation of the X-SPR Pro.

In addition to improving shock absorption and ventilation, precise placement of the EPS results in a more compact and lightweight helmet design.

CWR-F2R screen with system for Tear-Off sheets as standard. It offers a wide field of vision thanks to its new shape, which is especially important when extreme lean angles are adopted while driving in a high-speed race. It has a new screen lock system.

A Pinlock EVO anti-fog sheet is included as standard, the most advanced on the market.

Double buckle closure system (Double D)

It incorporates the EQRS system (Emergency Quick Release System), which facilitates the removal of the helmet from the outside in the event of an accident by removing the side padding


4 outer shell sizes for a better fit to each size (XS-S/ M/ L/ XL-XXL).

The X-SPR Pro is equipped with fully removable, washable and replaceable inner padding made of very soft fabrics with great moisture absorption and quick drying.

The central padding with independent adjustment zones has been improved compared to the previous model.

The cheek ventilation system has been significantly improved. More ventilation holes have been added in the cheek area for better performance and increased airflow.

In the side padding, a firm fit with the cheeks is ensured thanks to its 3D construction and the multiple layers of polyurethane of different hardness depending on the area of contact with the rider’s face. In addition, the viewing angle adjustment system has been maintained and the cheek contact area has been increased by 16.5%, giving the rider a much more secure fit at speeds of over 350km/h.

The new Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet is equipped as standard with interior padding for the ears, in charge of minimizing the free spaces inside the helmet and specially designed to reduce wind noise. They can be disassembled to carry out the installation of a motorcycle intercom.


High-performance ventilation system consisting of 7 air inlets with an opening and closing system and 6 air outlets.

The X-SPR Pro’s ventilation system has been positioned in locations optimized for high-speed racing use.

The interior of the helmet has approximately twice as many ventilation holes compared to the X-Spirit 3. This improvement in ventilation allows the rider to ride comfortably under extreme conditions such as endurance racing.

The upper air intake has four intake holes that will take care of a stable intake of air, especially in the sporty driving position.

More ventilation holes have been added in the cheek area for better performance and increased airflow to keep the rider’s cheeks cool and wick away sweat more effectively. An air intake has been included in the chin guard.

On the back there are six air outlets; two in each of the upper left and right outlets, and two more under the air stabilizer, something with which the X-SPR Pro offers a more efficient ventilation system compared to the previous model.


The different aerodynamic improvements and the shape of the shell allow the rider to concentrate on driving even at very high speeds. The X-SPR Pro has improved its aerodynamic performance compared to the previous model. This has been made possible by paying close attention to detail and making over 150 changes to its shape.

Shoei’s advanced technology for molding the shell of the helmet has made it possible to narrow the lower part, from the chin area to the rear, and in addition, the shape of the rear stabilizer and rear spoilers have been updated, thus achieving superior performance. top aerodynamic.

The new rear stabilizer draws air through channels located in the upper left and right, directing air rearward through the rear stabilizer and rear spoilers, resulting in a more balanced aerodynamic shape. In addition, the pronounced left and right edges of the upper part of the hull combined with the concave surface of the upper part of the stabilizer provides improved aerodynamic performance. In addition, this area stands out in terms of design, making the helmet balanced in terms of style, safety and aerodynamics.

Spoiler on the chin guard that controls the flow of air in the lower part of the helmet.

Sophisticated aerodynamic system.

Rear stabilizer equipped with spoilers.

Chin spoiler.

Other features

The new Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet includes a chin guard and a spoiler, both removable, which can be inserted in the lower edge in order to reduce noise and turbulence caused by the wind. These two elements can be used together or separately.

Also included is a removable nose cover that can be inserted into the top edge of the chin guard to help reduce visor fogging by diverting hot air to the underside of the helmet.

The shape of the surface of the inner area of the chin guard has been designed for the installation of a hydration system. The hydration kit (Optional) helps the rider maintain concentration during long-duration or endurance races under extreme conditions and high temperatures.

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