MotoGP Championship has returned to Europe following the first three overseas races, fresh from a victory finish in Austin, and determined to continue the good work in order to keep fighting at the front.

A Michelin test was planned on Monday at Le Mans (France), but overnight rainfall followed by cold temperatures meant that conditions made it impossible to take full advantage of a testing day. A post-lunch exploratory car lap by Marc Marquez confirmed this, so the team decided to completely cancel the test to avoid losing one of the five days of private tests allowed this season.

The squad subsequently moved on to Southern Spain for Round 4 of the MotoGP Championship, in Jerez, where Marc has stood on the podium in all top class participations, winning in 2014, and got 3 pole positions. As usual, Marc Marquez s will be able to count on the warm support of his fan clubs from the grandstands.

Marc Marquez: “I’m happy the next round is back in Spain after three flyaway GPs, because racing at home and in front of my fan club is always special. Of course our win in Austin gave the whole team more confidence and motivation to keep up the hard work and to try to understand how to further improve our bike’s setup, although Jerez is one of the most difficult and tricky circuits from that point of view. It’s kind of an ‘old school’ track: very short, very narrow, with heavy acceleration points and strong braking areas. You have to make the bike turn well but you also need good stability under braking, because that’s where you can get good lap times. It’s a circuit where our opponents are always very fast, but anyway, I think we’ll be able to do well if we work well starting on Friday morning.”

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