During the visit with UNICEF to this school, Marc has become another child and has shared with them dances, training exercises, laughter, fears and dreams. Like those of Jennifer, who at 10 years dreams of being a singer and says with forcefulness: “my life without school would not be life”; or Kauã, who at 10 years old was surprised to learn that Marc is the same age as his mother, 25 years old. He dreams of being an athlete like Marc Márquez, but as a good Brazilian he prefers to be a footballer.

Most of the children in this school live in nearby favelas. Their houses are precarious and they face situations of violence, criminality, drug trafficking … That is the reality that they carry every morning in their backpacks and to that reality the school must adapt. It seems that the problem of one of these children can be mathematics, but what is behind are much more complex problems.

As Joul said to children, Marc Márquez is already part of our history and we are part of Marc’s history. It is in the hand of each of us to ensure that in the history of each child there is a future full of opportunities .

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