To mark this year’s World Environment Day, FIM Environmental Ambassador Marc Márquez, World MotoGP champion, and his brother Alex Márquez, World Champion in Moto2, are joining in the celebrations and, in coordination with Dorna, official Promoter of Moto GP, the FIM International Environment Commission (CIE) is presenting an awareness-raising video reflecting the official theme of the 2015 WED, “consume responsibly”. In addition to this type of campaign, the FIM applies a strict body of environmental regulations and implements various actions and initiatives including environmental management plans in press rooms and the paddock, programmes for the organisation of sustainable events and environmental education programmes.

Along with Marc Márquez and Valentino Rossi, their fellow FIM Environmental Ambassadors Laia Sanz, Alex Salvini, Takahisa Fujinami and Greg Hancock will also be celebrating World Environment Day.

Next week, the Barcelona-Cataluña Circuit will be organising the second KiSS Barcelona event focusing on sustainable mobility and other environmental initiatives.

World environment day (wed) is an annual event and the biggest and most widely celebrated day for positive environmental action worldwide. World environment day activities take place all year round but peak on 5 June every year, involving everyone from everywhere.

Marc Márquez, FIM Environmental Ambassador: It is very important to support these campaigns. For my brother and me, it was a pleasure to contribute to these celebrations of World Environment Day, as we all have dreams to fulfil, and one of these dreams is to practise sport responsibly and to live in a better world. We only have one planet and we have to take care of it!  

Kattia Hernandez CIE Director: We are part of these 7 billon dreams, and if we all attend to some small details we can make a big difference.  This is a call to all the members of our sporting community to join forces and, through the values at the heart of sport, let us take action to preserve our home, our planet.

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