This year, the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit is joining the KiSS Barcelona (Keep it Shiny & Sustainable) environmental initiative as part of the KiSS project promoted by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) in keeping with its environmental management policy. The aim of the project is to raise awareness among all parties involved in the world of motorcycling and reduce the environmental impact of sports events though appropriate environmental management with, as the main focus, the management of waste produced by the public and the organisation.

Among other socially responsible actions, the Circuit, which has been certified compliant with ISO 14001-2004 standard for environmental management since 2008 and was honoured with the 2012 FIM Environmental Award, is taking up the challenge of Kiss Barcelona to promote sustainable mobility and good practices in management of waste.

KiSS Barcelona will carry out a number of awareness-raising activities during the Gran Premi de Catalunya de MotoGP, as set out below:

Kiss Barcelona Stand: situated behind the B Stand, this will be an environmental education point focusing on recycling. Various activities will be organised to promote the participation and involvement of the spectators in protection of the environment. There will be contests, prize draws, educational videos, etc.

Promoting Sustainable Mobility, recommending the use of public transport such as trains and buses. The Circuit advises spectators travelling by motorbike or private car to optimize the use of spaces in their private vehicles.

KiSS Barcelona Bag: these bags made of organic materials will be distributed among the public attending the Gran Premio.

Re-usable cup: The catering outlets will distribute a re-usable cup to promote the “3 R’s” (reduce, re-use, recycle).

#KissBarcelona Contest on Instagram: spectators who label their environmentally themed photos on Instagram with the #KissBarcelona hashtag will be able to take part in a prize draw. The winner will receive a paddock pass for him- or herself and one accompanying person with VIP access to the FIM Hospitality for the 2015 Gran Premio at the Circuit.

The KiSS Barcelona project, in which rider and FIM Environmental Ambassador Marc Márquez will be taking an active part, has received the support of the Barcelona Municipality, the companies Ecoembes and Valoriza and consultancies SBA and ISR.

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