The Official Fan Club Marc Márquez has today revealed its new headquarters and corporate image, under the symbol I AM93. The presentation, in front of over a 100 journalists from all over the world, was made in the entrance to this emblematic city centre by the world MotoGP champion
himself and by the president of his fan club, his uncle Ramon Marquez.

The president of the club with now more than 1700 members and which was only launched in 2010 after Marc won his first title at 125 cc level says “Today is a very special day for all of us as we have turned yet another dream into reality. From here we can unite all the followers of Marc & Àlex, all the fans of motor bike riding, and they can check out whatever facts they wish about them, or become part of the fan club, get exclusive content or participate in the many events we will be organising in 2015”.

“I want to thank all who have made this possible. Is fantastic that you can visit this exhibition with all these souvenirs of mine, and that the fans can see them, and that we have this new headquarters.
The truth is that it has surprised me, it is impressive & it is really beautiful”, says Marc.

I AM93 will be the new symbol of the fan club, an original idea meant to unite all the fans of Marc all over the world, and therefore this message is also in English. This project, to make a new corporate image and headquarters, has taken over a year of hard work and has just now commenced in the first week of December 2014. The first event under the new symbol and image of the club will be held on the day after tomorrow, the annual dinner of the club members in the sports centre of Cervera.

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