The Fan Club gives Marc Márquez a special photo collage for his 28th Birthday.

The Official Fan Club Marc Márquez 93’s president, Ramon Márquez, gave Marc a special gift this morning for his 28th Anniversary.

It is a frame of the Cervera rider celebrating a podium, but with a special edition, consisting of a collage made with photographs of the fans with Marc on the circuits, at the Cervera celebrations, or the final seasonal dinners organized by the Fan Club.

Through a call to action on Fan Club social networks, all Marc Márquez fans who wished, had the opportunity to send photos they have with Marc. With these images, a beautiful collage has been created with more than 300 photographs that have been received from all over the world, and that have been used to create the photo of the rider celebrating a podium.

Marc Márquez was happy to receive this gift and wanted to thank all the fans for his participation in this photo collage, as well as the encouragement that he has not stopped receiving since his injury at the Jerez Grand Prix.

“Today is my birthday, so I want to thank the Fan Club for this gift and all the fans who have participated by sending their photos. I see that there are smiles in most of the pics, and now, you make me smile. Thank you so much for all the support during last year. This year will be more smiles and good moments, I’m sure. Starting like this my 28th year, I’m sure that we will repeat this photo. A hug to everyone!”

The Official Fan Club Marc Márquez 93 continues to promote actions, so fans continue to feel close to their idol despite the distance that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, and with this gift, everyone has been close to Marc the day of its 28th Birthday.



Marc Márquez thanks all the fans for this special gift

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